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BMW X2 vs Lexus UX

Auto Express compared the X2 with the Lexus UX and they preferred the Lexus. the biggest differences were ride and running costs.

First place: Lexus UX

The UX shows how Lexusís perseverance with hybrid tech and engineering evolution has been rewarded. This is a convincing hybrid that blends refinement, comfort and efficiency in a package thatís more affordable than its rival. Itís just a shame that its infotainment is sub-standard.

Second place: BMW X2

The X2 is still one of the best-driving small SUVs. Its powertrain is as good as ever, while thereís plenty of practicality and the infotainment is about the best in the class. However, the ride and running costs arenít on the Lexusís level, plus itís pricier and has less kit, so it just trails the UX here.
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