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Ordered an X2...but can't decide on colour or trim!

hi all

have paid the deposit for an SDrive 2.0i MSport for a 2019 build as I'm overseas anyway for a while.

Luckily, downunder we can choose between the MSport and MSport X. I didn't like the grey 'mouth' on the X!

Anyway, trying to choose between Gold, Sunset Orange..and possibly Misano Blue.

I've seen the Gold and Blue on X2s, and found the Misano didn't look very metallic, but very bright!

I'm leaning towards the gold, but not many people seem to buy that colour despite it being used in all the publicity material.

In terms of interior, I can't decide between the black leather (with blue stitch), or Oyster leather.

I have only seen the Oyster interior in photos, and the configurator. I like the contrasts between the light and dark parts you get with the Oyster, but not sure whether it has a pinky overtone or yellow in real life...

I'm worried that black interior might be too dark with the dark ceiling and no sunroof. But of course it's by far the most popular choice, and easier to look after. But my last 4 cars have had black leather interiors...

At least as far as the trim goes I think I'm happy with Anthracite Hexagon!

So many permutations....
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